Provable Democracy

Humans Deciding Together

DAOs, DHOs, DPOS + More

What is it?

Provable Democracy occurs when decisions are made on-chain, according to rules all parties agree on.

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The next steps

Evolving Democracy

There's no reason to tear down the old establishment to build the new empowerment. Now we grow the ideas and systems to put in place when it's needed.

What We Do

DHO Components

DHOs, or Decentralized Human Organizations, depend on human opinion in decision making. Time Tokens, Proof of Individuality, Information Entropy, and Geosocial systems are some of the tools we're presenting for community collaboration on Github.

Voting Visualized (Image from district0x)

building renewing wealth

Why it Matters

In addition to societal benefits, we're building things that get people paid. Biomimetic economies empower proof of choice communities, in which validators are verified-humans who have given their opinion on community decisions, which are enacted by humans, and enabled by smart contract.

How you can help

Support Democracy

We want to produce and freely distribute content that will popularize ideas for different ways democracies have been run and could be ran. Your RTs and wETH votes are dearly appreciated and needed to continue and expand our work in helping humans come together towards amazing futures.

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